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Dale loaded Red Hat Linux on his 100MHz Aptiva, and now he can't reinstall Windows. Every time he boots from a DOS floppy, LILO (the Linux Loader) chokes after "LI." He also pulled the battery on his CMOS to wipe all its settings out. (Urg...)
First, I'd check your BIOS settings to make sure you're looking to boot from your floppy, then your hard drive. Right now, it sounds as if your system defaulted to booting from the hard drive. Then I'd boot using the Windows/DOS disk, and see if I FDISK and format the drive with a format/MBR. That'll clean up the master boot record.
If you can't format or FDISK the drive, it probably has a Linux partition on it that DOS can't deal with. You'll need to run a Linux tool to wipe it. The closest one at hand is probably the one on the RedHat install disk. Just exit the install after you've wiped the Linux partitions.