Introduction to the Internet

  1. History of the Internet
  2. Networks & the Internet
  3. TCP/IP Protocol
  4. Internet Addresses
  5. Connecting to the Internet
  6. Internet Services (protocols)


History of the Internet
Patrick J. Kidd

History of the Internet ...


1983 1986 Today
Networks & the Internet
Patrick J. Kidd


WAN Backbone
  • A high-speed link to connect LANs and WANs.
  • Routers
  • Special-purpose computers that provide links between networks.
  • The Internet
    TCP/IP Protocol
    Patrick J. Kidd


    TCP = Transmission Control Protocol IP = Internet Protocol  (Internetworking Protocol)
    Internet Addresses
    Patrick J. Kidd

    DNS = Domain Name System
    Name Address

    FQDN = Fully-qualified domain name = userid@domain


    a.     Host     = computer name                                most specific

    b.     Cluster = group name (optional)                     less specific

    c.     Organization name                                          less specific

    d.     Type of organization                                       general

    e.     Country code = geographic location                most general
                                                                                   (Top level)

    IP Address

    = Number address     = Dot address     = Numeric version of address

    Every time you use a domain address, your systemís DNS (Domain Name Server) has to turn it into a number.

     Connecting to the Internet
    Patrick J. Kidd