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Back up did not complete

Re: Back up did not complete :-( Z10 or Q10 Backup Does Not Complete With the Link Program [ Edited ]
‎06-30-2013 02:40 PM - edited ‎06-30-2013 02:49 PM
This is my solution that worked for me when I encountered this problem:

Sign out of the Blackberry ID account for your phone in the Link program.
Exit the Link program.
Disconnect the Z10 from the USB port.
Restart the Z10 (hold the top button, and touch the restart prompt in the screen)
After the phone has restarted, enter the phone's password.
Open the Link program.
In the Link program, log in to the Blackberry ID account associated with the phone.
Connect the phone back to the USB port.
If the Link program asks for the password to unlock the phone, enter the password.
Click on the prompt to innitiate the backup process.
What this process does is re-set the data functions between the Link program, the phone, and the Blackberry ID account.

Another issue that can cause problems with many USB devices, including external backup hard drives, phones, and etc, is the USB ports on the computer going in to standby (power save mode) while a USB device process is taking place. You can easily fix this by going to the Device Manager for your computer and turning this feature off.
In Windows 7 Control Panel go to System.
Double mouse click on System.
On the left side open Device Manager.
Scroll to and open Universal Serial Bus Controllers
Open the properties for each of the Root HUB entries.
Select the tab for Power Management.
Remove the check mark for "Allow the computer to turn this device of to save power".

There are many instances when your computer may be talking via the USB ports to a Web Cam, or doing a backup to an external drive, or doing a backup to a phone, and the system decides to shut down the port because it has timed out with no keyboard or mouse activity. There are many software programs and device drivers that do not properly report to Windows that there is USB activity, or Windows for some reason does not see the device as being active. In this case the port will be shut down, and thus the activity will fail.