Requirements for
Assignments & Projects & Homework & Exercises

  1. This term, all (almost all?) work (file uploads) will be submitted online as softcopy only.  Projects will probably also require a hardcopy.
  2. Identify each page (chapter, page, exercise/assignment/Project, name, etc.) in the top right corner of every page (header).
  3. For homework questions:  Write the Question before writing the Answer.  This will make it easier for you when you study for an exam.
  4. Spelling and grammar errors are unacceptable. Deductions will apply.
  5. All work will be marked, but may not returned to you.  (Keep a backup copy!)
  6. "Due" date is the deadline.  See your Lecture Notes.
  7. A Title Page is required for everything you submit for marks.
  8. You must submit (upload) your work.