Je me souviens...

Separatists Day = La St-Jean = St-Jean Baptist day = June 24, 2005

On June 24, 2005, in the East end of Montréal, a pizza was ordered for dinner.  When it was delivered, it had a light blue page stuck to the box.  Here is the poem exactly as it was delivered.  There is also an explanation of the intended meaning of this poem.

This poem is a throw-back to the political climate of Québec over twenty years ago.  Are we wrong to think that there has been some progress in Québec? 
For a very long time now, the Francophone Québecois have had total control of the province. The writer of this poem is living in a time warp.
The hatred and racism demonstrated in this message continue to this day among those who still support the terrorist FLQ (Front de Libération du Québec).

This type of racism (anti-anglo, anti-Canadian) is unacceptable.
They of course have the right to express themselves, as long as they do not resort to violence (e.g. FLQ).
However, all Francophone Québecois should be ashamed to have these racists speaking for them.

The author should be ashamed of his (lack of) command of the French language.


The original 2005-06-24 Comments

Je me souviens.....

Regardez bien autours
Voyez tout ses vautours
Pouvez vous encore subir
Tous leurs moindres désirs

Toujours comprendre et accepter
Tout donner sans rien demander
Voilà le sort qui nous ait réservé

Gérer de façons inconcevables
Avec des taxes interminables
L'échec est inévitable

Pour changer l'histoire
Vous en avez le pouvoir
Il suffit de choisir
Et de bien noircir

Vivre le Québec libre ...

  1. Je me souviens.....
    See also The NFB film (2002)
  2. Regardez bien autours
    Regardez bien autour
  3. Voyez tout ses vautours
    Voyez tous ces vautours
    vautours (=vultures) = les anglos (= les anglophones)
  4. Pouvez vous encore subir
    Pouvez-vous encore subir
    vous = les québecois francophones
  5. Tous leurs moindres désirs
    leurs = les anglos
    Implying that les anglos are like the masters and les francophones are like their slaves
  6. Voilà le sort qui nous ait réservé
    Voilà le sort qui nous est réservé
  7. L'échec est inévitable
    Implying that les anglos (in Québec and in Canada) are the bosses over the québecois and that les anglos are the cause (and the recipients) of all the taxation in Québec.  Implying that it is just a matter of time before les francophones will win and take over Québec.
  8. Et de bien noircir
    Implying that there will be yet another referendum on the separation of Québec from Canada.
  9. Vivre le Québec libre ...
    Implying that Québec is an oppressed state that needs to be liberated from les anglos in Canada
    (le président de la France, Charles de Gaulle, 1967 à Montréal)